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faversham beer and badge 2016

Guests include:-
  • General Secretary - Mick Whelan
  • ASLEF President - Tosh McDonald
  • District Orgaiser - Graham Morris
  • District 1 EC Member - Marz Colombini
  • & SE Drivers Company Council
Badges are due to be presented to :-
  • S. Jordan
  • T. Dougan
  • J. McAvoy
  • N. Hunter
  • L. Philpott
  • J. Mitchell
  • S. Blanks
  • P. Spencely
  • N. Pepper
  • G. Bowyer
  • M. Lacey
  • M. Keeble
  • S. Robinson
  • T. Parrick
  • P. Mullins
  • D. Kahira
  • C. Rickwood
  • S. Vincent
  • S. Somerton

Once again it is with great pride that we can announce that this years Beer & Badge evening will be attended by The General Secretary Mick Whelan.  Also in attendence will be; ASLEF President Tosh McDonald, Graham Morris and Marz Colombini. Here not only to present the usual selection of badges but also to pay tribute to former branch secretary Steve (Grudd) Gurdler for his loyal service to ASLEF.

We will also be thanking Grudd for his years as a superb branch secretary and health & safety rep.

It goes without saying he leaves huge shoes to fill   ...and even bigger trousers!!!

I'm sure the GS wont waste the opportunity to give us another rousing speach and if we're lucky we may get to here from the other guests too.

The event officially begins in 'The Limes' at 7pm and a buffet will be served. But if you cant wait till then you can join us in a pub somewhere in Faversham (details will follow closer to the time) from mid afternoon - all welcome.

     The End of an Era
Shares in every brewery in the country have soared following the shock announcement of Steve “Grudd” Gurdler’s retirement.
Grudd has been Faversham’s secretary for longer than anyone will admit to knowing, but at the end of March he took medical retirement. Ironically just as he was declared fully fit!
Recently ASLEF President Tosh McDonald declared Grudd a legend, and he certainly is. 
We are incredibly proud and privileged to have had Steve as our secretary, but he was also a formidable H&S Rep, District secretary and AAD delegate.


Steve presided over his final branch meeting earlier this month, where he was presented with a certificate by District 1 EC member Marz Colombini.
Never one to do anything in half measures Steve has already begun a series of farewell “celebrations”.
Don’t worry if you’ve missed them all so far, one is bound to be heading to a bar nearby soon!


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