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Communication is key to everything we do as a trade union and the very best way to do this is just to talk to and ask questions of each other. If you are unsure about something or have heard yet another mess-room rumour, why not get it clarified by one of your branch officials. If they don’t know the answer they will make inquiries and get back to you.

Nationally, Simon Weller (National Organiser) has been tasked with the overhaul of the ASLEF website and many improvements are being planned. When you log-in the website will recognise your credentials and your home page will be tailored to you. Giving regional, local and company news aimed specifically at you. The whole of the rest of the website will still be available to you at a click of a button but hopefully the starting page will be more relevant. Social networking is also being included with links and feeds to Facebook and Twitter.

Head Office also hope to improve other means of communication by getting members’ private email addresses and mobile phone numbers collated by Branch Secretaries so they can be added to the membership database. This will mean that when it is needed, urgent communication and news updates can be sent to members direct. This has been used to great effect in the recent DB Shenker dispute and greatly improved the information members received regarding the progress of the negotiations.

On South Eastern we now have Joint Branch meetings, which are held regularly throughout the year. The last one was on Wednesday 10th October at the Royal British Legion Club, Priory Road, Tonbridge. Faversham’s next meeting is on Thursday 8th November at the Railway Hotel from 19:00.

Please try and support them! You can the answers straight from the horse’s mouth!

As you can see ASLEF Faversham Branch has its own website back up and running along with the Branch shop. If you want to contribute to the website just get in contact with Bro. Andy Cooke or myself.

I will continue to add items to the ASLEF Faversham Branch Facebook page and keep you up to date via emails and texts.

Yours fraternally

Steve Gurdler
Branch Secretary


Faversham branch has a new comrade smiling down on us from the ‘top link’. Brother Martin
Banfield was 42 years young when he died suddenly whilst on holiday. We send our
heartfelt condolences to Gill, Harry and Tom, family and friends.

Martin lit up every room he walked into with his humour and light-hearted manner. We
all miss his beaming and mischievous smile. He was well known across Southeastern as he
worked at Friars Bridge and at the Training Centre at Ashford before getting his driving
position at Faversham.

His funeral was held at Bobbing Crematorium on Monday, 12 October and the
chapel overflowed with the many, many mourners wishing to show their final respects.
At the wake that followed at the United Services club, Rainham, we celebrated his
memory by raising his favourite tipple, G&T, and reminisced late into the night.

We have all promised to make sure there is always ‘a large one’ on the table at future events
to commemorate our absent friend.

Steve Gurdler, Secretary, Faversham Branch